3 (More) Reasons to Hire “Overqualified” Talent

61828214_thumbnailThey’re a cinch to manage.

They have a wealth of expertise.

They provide a high ROI, even if they don’t stay with you forever. 

They’re overqualified talent – and they can be tremendous assets to your team! 

In an earlier post, we reviewed four of the primary reasons to hire candidates who, at first glance, may appear to have skills and experience well beyond the requirements of your available position. Today, we’re peeling the onion a little further and exploring some of the less obvious reasons you should hire overqualified professionals: 

They can identify new business opportunities. Overqualified candidates typically have greater wisdom and insight to share than their less experienced counterparts. Having worked for a variety of employers (and possibly within a variety of industries), they may be able to share fresh ways for attracting new business, outsmarting the competition and bringing additional value to the business.

They may not be overqualified for long. In today’s operating environment, technology, products and business practices change extremely rapidly. Even if a candidate’s qualifications are currently excessive, chances are that it won’t be the case for long. In truth, his skills and experience may quickly become obsolete – meaning that you should focus more on his ability to learn and adapt, and less on his existing qualifications.

They make great mentors, leaders and referral sources. Think beyond the immediate job requirements and consider the ways overqualified professionals could shine in your business:

  • Pair them with less experienced employees to accelerate career development and transfer knowledge.
  • Leverage their management and team leadership, while providing room for these individuals to move up within your organization.
  • Finally, tap the professional networks they’ve developed to connect with other exceptional candidates.

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