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This month we’re talking about careers in finance with resident experts,
Stacy Keefer and Gretchen Rost, owners of Corps Team Charlotte & New York City. Together, Stacy and Gretchen bring over 20 years of HR experience in the finance industry.

What current trends are you seeing in the finance industry?

We are witnessing an increase in hiring and focus in risk, regulatory and compliance roles (those roles include: project management, finance and reporting/testing). This area had strong demand in 2015 and we anticipate that demand will be continued. Competition will remain high as demand increases, and with that, as Monster reported, most in the industry will see a salary increase.

Are there part-time or flexible options in the world of finance?

As the economy continues to improve, we’re seeing growth occur in the small to mid-tier company sector across a variety of industries, including non-profit. Companies are gaining confidence in revenue growth and due to uptick, they are in need of staff additions. This is driving demand for part time and more flexible candidates. Many organizations are comfortable adding a part time resource, versus full time, in roles such as finance/accounting, bookkeeping, administrative, HR, and marketing. 

What skills are employers looking for? 

Top skills trending include

  • Project Management
  • Data/Reporting Analyst
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Administrative

Strong technical skills that are typically required include:

Any additional tips, insight or resources you would like to share?

Candidates: Keep your resume current, be sure to list your technical skills, and advanced skills with MS Office software are always valuable.

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