Keep Your Remote Onboarding Process ‘Human’ Using These 3 Tips


Like many companies, your staff members probably are working remotely during COVID-19. This most likely means that your onboarding process is remote as well. The introduction a new hire receives to your company impacts how long they remain part of your organization. Making them feel welcome from the start, encouraging relationship-building with coworkers, and providing clear orientation and training are effective ways to retain employees long-term. These are a few reasons why you need your remote onboarding process to include a human touch.

Here are three tips to successfully onboard new hires while working remotely.

1. Welcome Your New Hire

Extend a warm welcome to your new hire. Ship a company swag package with a t-shirt, water bottle, laptop stickers, and personalized note. Send an email thanking the person for joining your team. Provide an overview of remote tools and what to expect on the first day. Set up a video call to introduce them to their managers and teammates. Ask your new teammate to provide details about the city they live in, where they previously worked, and the skills they bring to the team. Find out what your new hire is most looking forward to in their new role, their hobbies, and whether they can provide some photos or a pet to share. Set up a virtual lunch meeting with the entire team so everyone can get to know each other. Encourage your new hire to ask questions and request help when needed.

2. Share Your Onboarding Plan 

Let your new hire know what the onboarding process will look like. Include essential links to company information, a daily checklist of tasks, and an org chart. Have a day-by-day plan for orientation, trainings, and questions. Clarify job responsibilities, individual and team goals, and personal expectations. Discuss the company mission, vision, and values. Talk about the technology your new hire can use to communicate with you, their colleagues, and coworkers. Include a checklist of small tasks to complete to reinforce learning about your products or services, role requirements, and culture. Increase your new hire’s responsibilities as the days and weeks go on.

3. Provide a Mentor

Introduce your new hire to their mentor. This senior member of your team can provide guidance and support for the first 3 to 6 months of being part of your team. They can virtually meet with your new member every week to discuss their progress, provide and receive constructive feedback, and answer questions. Providing a mentor promotes bonding between your new hire and the rest of your team while reinforcing the learning process. Helping your new team member navigate an unfamiliar environment lets them feel less isolated while starting a new position and working remotely.

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