#CareerReentry Tips

Thinking about reentering the workforce?  Corps Team CEO, Allison O’Kelly shares 10 tips for career planning, resume writing, networking and more.

  1. Start by evaluating what you want professionally and what you can commit to personally. This will help you set realistic expectations and criteria for evaluating opportunities.
  2. Next, understand your skills. Make a list of your expertise from previous jobs, community commitments, etc., and ask your friends what they see as your strengths. Look for opportunities that match these skills.
  3. Fill the gaps in your resume with strategic volunteering and contract work. Note the word “strategic” – look for opportunities that are relevant to the career you want to pursue or will help build skills you are lacking. Resume gaps are better than irrelevant fluff.
  4. Network! Start small by letting your friends know you’re looking. And remember – everything you do can be networking, from standing on the sidelines at your child’s ballgame to waiting in line at the coffee shop.
  5. Consider working with a recruiter – they have access to unlisted jobs.
  6. Look for stepping stones. Your first job when you reenter the workforce may not meet every single standard you desire, but look at its long-term potential and whether it will get you closer to your ideal career.
  7. Look into internships and returnships in addition to permanent positions. Selected strategically and with clear expectations, these can be just the refresher you need to get back into the workforce.
  8. Create or update your LinkedIn profile, using keywords relevant to your field and desired job. Recruiters see LinkedIn as an invaluable tool for finding qualified professionals.
  9. Don’t upload your resume as a PDF – it’s not searchable!
  10. Don’t apologize for your choices! A gap in your resume is only a big deal if you make it one.

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