Tips from a Recruiter: Navigating a Competitive Market

By: Brigid Lipps, PHR, SHRM-CP,
Senior Recruiter Corps Team

Navigating a Competitive Market:

2020…Need I say more? It has been an unprecedented year and one that has greatly impacted the workforce. Although overall unemployment numbers are decreasing (hooray!), we are still in a precarious position with many displaced workers looking for jobs. 11 million in fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is a tough market to say the least. Job applicants are vying against large pools of qualified candidates for limited open positions and will need to be at the top of their game to get hired.

Here are some “Tips from a Recruiter” to help you in this crazy market and beyond –

  • We evaluate everything. From your resume, to your responsiveness, to your actions along the way, a Recruiter considers it all. It can be the difference in landing a role or being passed over. So, keep your resume on point, those communication skills polished, and be courteous.
  • Make that resume pop! Do something to stand out. Make your resume shine by adding valuable content like metrics you have exceeded or projects you have accomplished. Did you create revenue or impact the bottom line? Show us your contributions and what differentiates you. That is the stuff we as Recruiters dream about.
  • Apply to jobs you are qualified for. Look at the minimum requirements in the job description. Focus on the jobs you are qualified for. Do not apply to a Senior Marketing Manager role that requires 10 years of experience if you are a new grad with a sales internship. We both know it is not a match.
  • Timing is key. As expected, a Recruiter will review candidates that apply to the job first! Create job alerts on LinkedIn to notify you when new positions become available. Review general job boards like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder daily. Check out the career pages on the websites of companies you want to work for. Bottom line – be active and apply as soon as possible.
  • Do not get pushy. We are all in a difficult position. As Recruiters, we are being bombarded with applicants. As a job seeker, you are trying to land a position. Understood. However, a good Recruiter will update you throughout the process. When we have news to share, we will let you know. Sending daily emails and voicemails is not necessary and is not going to help your cause.
  • Be honest. This applies to resumes, job offers, background checks – you name it! Having a great resume is important but having an embellished resume that really goes beyond what you have done is not honest. Going through an entire interview process when you know you won’t accept the offer is not honest. Just tell us the truth from start to finish.

Be thoughtful in your words (resume) and actions (follow up/interviews). It all matters, especially in a competitive job market.


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