These 2020 Lessons Will Help You Succeed in 2021

It is no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year. If you were one of the millions of employees forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably had trouble adapting to a sudden change in your work environment. This challenge most likely was compounded if you unexpectedly took on childcare and other responsibilities because schools and daycares closed. Since you have had time to adjust, you probably have a routine in place that makes balancing your work life and home life more manageable. This is a good thing since remote work and related changes likely are here to stay.

Here are three things we learned from 2020 that you can use to make 2021 a successful year. 


Coworker Connections Are Important 

Since many workplaces’ future will remain at least partially remote, keep in mind that connections with your coworkers are more important than ever. Because a phased reentry may include a mix of onsite and remote workers, you might not always be able to interact with others at the office. Even if you can socialize around the water cooler, meetings might be virtual to reduce the number of people in one room. Instead of in-person discussions, technology will continue to be the primary source of communication. 

Emotional Well-Being Is Critical 

Because remote work can lead to isolation and loneliness, employers will continue to emphasize the importance of maintaining emotional wellness. This is especially true as the number of cases related to COVID-19 continues to increase. Odds are most people who know someone affected by COVID-19. Those who know someone who suffered a coronavirus-related death are in mourning. As a result, many managers are trained to recognize signs of overload and distress among team members and show empathy and compassion. Employees are reminded to access the mental health programs available to them. Actively focusing on self-care lets employees more effectively manage themselves and develop healthy relationships with others.  

Company Policies Will Change 

Because a significant number of employees have been working from home, company processes and systems will continue to adapt to these changes. Since the onset of COVID-19 forced employers to revise their goals and find new ways to accomplish what they need to, they had to adapt processes that changed based on evolving circumstances and behaviors. In many cases, this included allowing employees to work from home. Due to the need to provide childcare when schools and daycares closed and fulfill other responsibilities, many employees were allowed to create their own schedules as well. Because most workers are more engaged and productive at home than in the office, more employers will continue to offer remote work options and flexible schedules.   


It May Be Time to Find a New Job 

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