Why You Shouldn’t Interview for a Position You Are Not Interested In

When changing jobs, you may be tempted to apply for a variety of roles to increase your odds of landing an interview. Although this may sound good in theory, the reality is that you are better off not applying for positions you’re not completely set on pursuing.  Even if you interview and ultimately accept a job offer, you may not be successful or stay in the role, given that you were not fully interested at the start of the process. This can damage your professional reputation, potentially preventing you from landing your dream job.

Here are three reasons not to interview for a job that doesn’t interest you.   

It Wastes Time

Interviewing for a job you don’t want wastes valuable time. If you don’t see yourself happily going to work each day, there’s no point in applying for the role. You lose out on time you could be networking or applying for the positions you want. You also prevent the interviewers from talking with candidates truly interested in the job. After several rounds of interviews, they won’t be happy to hear you didn’t want the role in the first place.

You May Not Be Successful in the Role

Even if you end up with a job offer, you may not be successful in the position. After all, passion for the work is a significant indicator of whether someone will excel in a role. If you’re not truly happy performing the work, you won’t give your all each day. This can lead to performance discussions with your boss that could result in probation and up to termination. Having a list of short-term jobs on your resume can be perceived as a lack of commitment and a negative by future employers.  This could limit your future career opportunities.

You May Damage Your Professional Reputation

If you often interview for roles that don’t interest you, you will damage the professional reputation you’ve been working hard to build. Ultimately, it is a small world, and particularly within certain industries and/or types of careers.  Members of your network may be less likely to refer you for a job opening.  Hiring managers may be less likely to call you for an interview.  If you lose the respect of other professionals within your industry, it may be harder to advance in your career and ultimately land in a role you truly want.

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