Why Creating a Good Relationship With Your Recruiter Can Be the Key to Your Success

Partnering with a recruiter can enhance your career success. They know about jobs that most people do not. Your recruiter also can provide resume and interview advice and negotiate the best salary and benefits for the role. These are reasons why you want to build a long-term relationship with them.

Discover four ways developing a relationship with your recruiter can enhance your career success.

Gain Insight into the Job Market

Because your recruiter works with hiring managers and candidates on a daily basis, they understand the changing job market. You are more likely to learn more about a vacancy, the hiring manager, and the company by talking with your recruiter than by going it alone. You also gain resume and interview advice that enhances your odds of landing a position. This can give you a competitive edge that leads to a job offer.

Ask questions to ensure you understand everything your recruiter shares about the opportunity. The more insightful you are while interviewing with a hiring manager, the more likely you are to be hired.

Learn About Unadvertised Roles

Because many hiring managers who work with recruiters do not advertise their vacancies, fewer candidates know about the openings. This means less competition for the position and greater odds of receiving a job offer.

To maximize your recruiter’s time, make sure they understand exactly what you are looking for in a role. Include your salary expectations, ideal work environment, company culture, and career goals. When you start interviewing, clarify how you feel throughout every step of the process. If the opportunity does not feel right to you, let your recruiter know. Their time will be better spent looking for other roles that fit your needs and interests.

Potentially Increase Your Income

If you receive a job offer, your recruiter uses their seasoned negotiation skills to get you the best possible salary, benefits, and perks. By increasing the monetary value you receive for performing your work, you should be able to enhance your lifestyle. This may provide you with additional opportunities to enjoy your time away from the office.

Be sure to keep your recruiter current on your contact information, education, licensure/certifications, skills, experience, and references. They use this information to continue to find opportunities that can advance your career.

Secure Future Employment

After you start a job, keep your recruiter in the loop. Periodically check in to let them know how things are going. Find out whether your recruiter has any new openings coming up. You never know when you might need to find your next position.

Help your recruiter out by referring clients and candidates to them. The more you are able to help your recruiter develop their career, the more engaged they will be in providing you with opportunities of your own.

Partner with a Recruiter

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