How Workplace Flexibility Can Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale reflects workers’ individual and collective attitudes that determine their willingness to complete tasks. The satisfaction received from a job, team, manager, work environment, and organization influences employee morale. This is one reason why providing as much flexibility as possible is so important. The more control employees feel over their work, the happier they are. This increases morale, job satisfaction, and retention.

Discover four reasons why offering flexibility is an effective way to increase employee morale.

Increased Trust

The ability to determine work hours and location increases feelings of trust between staff and management. When employees are viewed as responsible and accountable, they tend to live up to expectations. Staff tends to communicate and collaborate well to ensure their work is completed on time to the best of their ability. This increases team cohesion.  

Elevated Motivation

Employees feel more inspired to perform their best when they determine where and when to complete their tasks. The ability to work during peak performance hours increases the motivation to fulfill work responsibilities. This provides an incentive to finish projects on time and to the best of one’s ability.

Reduced Stress

Staff members with flexible work options tend to feel less stressed throughout the day. For instance, because they do not have to be in the office at a set time, they can avoid the morning and evening commute during rush hour. Also, working from home provides opportunities to take care of personal responsibilities that otherwise may be left for evenings or weekends. This frees up time for fun and relaxation with family and friends.

Greater Productivity

When employees can fit in personal responsibilities during typical work hours, they tend to be more productive. Staff appreciates the ability to participate in their kids’ school events, run errands, or go to doctor appointments during the day. This means they allot time during other parts of the day for work tasks. As a result, employees can get more done in less time. Since they carve out their work hours, there tends to be more time to focus with fewer interruptions. This leads to feelings of accomplishment and job satisfaction.

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