Tips from a Recruiter: Attracting Candidates (and Keeping Employees) in 2022

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that life isn’t just about work. People value different things now and there has been a major shift in what candidates and employees want from companies.

Here are some tips for hiring managers and employers on how to attract candidates and keep employees engaged.

Time: People value this probably more than anything. They are saying “NO” to the long commute, endless onsite meetings, working while on vacation, or 60+ hour work week. They want time – to be with their families, to read a book, to sit on the beach without checking email. Unplug and unwind!

Perks: We are past the days of ping pong tables, free snacks, and trendy workspaces that are supposed to make you want to BE at work. Try substituting a flexible schedule, caring boss, and mental health benefits if you want real employee engagement.

Compensation: Money is still a driver, but employers have two big issues: inflation and the job market. Everything costs more now, so pay needs to align with what the world is doing. It should also align with the competitive market and rising cost to obtain (and retain) the best employees. Companies should run salary studies and do proper research to ensure they stay relevant with compensation.

Respect: No change here. Respect has been and always will be a critical area for people. Where the issue arises now is that candidates and employees are demanding it – not just hoping for it. This runs through the interview process, onboarding, and with existing employees. You MUST show respect and treat them as more than just a number.

These tips are not breaking news, but they are a reminder about what is important to people. Know what is valued and you can attract the people you want to hire and keep the people you need.


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  1. Brigid,

    Awesome article and I couldn’t agree more! I recently relocated and left a job. As I’m now looking for a new role, I want those things you described.

    Anita Flores

    1. You should want and receive all these things! Good luck in your job search. The right role will come along.

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