Are You Attracting the Right Candidates? 5 Tips on Updating Your Job Descriptions

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Are you not receiving the quality candidates you want for your job openings? If so, it may be because of your job descriptions. They give candidates insight into your company and position to decide whether it would be a good fit for them. Understanding the role responsibilities, key competencies, and company culture helps candidates determine whether they may want to work for your company and should apply for the position. This is why providing the right information to hire the right candidate is so important.

Use these five tips to update your job descriptions and widen your candidate pools.

1.    List a Relevant Job Title

Ensure your job title is consistent with what other companies in your industry use. This increases the odds that your job posting will show up in job search results. Also, avoid using acronyms that candidates may not understand or may be specific to the company. For instance, if your industry commonly uses the title “Business Development Specialist,” avoid using titles such as “BD Specialist” or “B2B Corporate Sales.”

2.    Use Inclusive Language

Keep your wording as bias-free as possible. For instance, remove gender-coded wording such as “agree” or “ambitious.” The former tends to attract more female candidates, while the latter tends to attract more male candidates. Also, avoid listing nonessential job requirements. Whereas women tend to apply for a job when they meet 100% of the requirements, men tend to apply if they meet at least 60% of the requirements. Additionally, avoid using phrases like “young and energetic” or “digital native” to encourage more experienced workers to apply. In addition, mention any reasonable accommodations you can make for disabled workers, such as flexible work hours or telework.

3.    Include the Duties and Responsibilities

Share what a typical day may look like. For instance, include the day-to-day tasks so candidates can understand whether they are equipped to handle them. Also, mention the top three to five main responsibilities, so candidates know what is expected of them. Additionally, show how the role fits with the rest of the organization and impacts the business, so candidates understand the purpose of the work.

4.    Share the Skills and Qualifications

Mention the essential education, hard and soft skills, and years of experience required for the role. Keep your list as concise as possible to attract a wider range of candidates. Remember that you can train for hard skills that a candidate may not have. Also, a candidate’s years of experience may be more valuable than a degree they might not have. Additionally, point out that transferrable skills may help fill the job qualifications.

5.    Promote Your Organization

Point out why employees enjoy working for your company. This may include the competitive salary range for the role, the benefits package, and company perks. You also might allow a flexible work schedule, remote work options, paid parental leave, or tuition reimbursement. Show the quality of life candidates may have by working for you to increase your number of applications.

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