How to Decide if a Remote Position Is Right for You

With the rise of remote work options, you may be considering looking for this type of role. The flexibility you gain can increase your engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. However, there are a variety of aspects to consider before deciding whether to apply for remote positions. Because remote work is not suited for everyone, you need to know whether you have what it takes to succeed before taking on a role.

The following are five areas to consider to determine whether you are equipped for a remote role.

Consider Your Self-Discipline

Your remote work performance primarily is judged by your productivity. This is why a high level of self-discipline is required. You need to avoid personal distractions such as watching television, playing with your pets, or talking with your neighbors who stop by. This requires strong boundaries between work and personal time. Having a dedicated workspace and communicating your need not to be disturbed unless there is an emergency are necessary.

Include Your Mental Health Needs

Working remotely typically means you are by yourself all day. Even if you work from a coworking space or a coffee shop, a coworker is unlikely to be with you. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. You may need to ensure your needs for socialization are met in other ways. Activities such as volunteering, joining clubs, or getting together with friends may be helpful.

Think About Your Communication Skills

A remote position requires a heavy amount of written and verbal communication. Since you often do not see your manager or team members, you are less able to depend on facial expressions, tone, and body language to provide and receive meaning from messages. As a result, you need to put in additional effort to clearly explain yourself to colleagues.

Evaluate Your Work-Life Balance

Working where you live can make it difficult to separate your personal and professional time. It can be tempting to check your email, work on an issue, or complete a project after work hours. However, continuously increasing your work hours can lead to burnout. This is why you need to maintain set work hours and use the rest of each day to pursue personal interests. It’s important to ensure childcare outside the home is maintained to ensure you are productive during work hours. It is also helpful to have a dedicated office space that you can leave when the workday ends.

Determine the Remote Culture

Find out what the company culture is like for remote employees. For instance, the position should include a fair market salary range and competitive benefits package. Also, when possible, remote employees should be included in company meetings, happy hours, and other events. Additionally, your team should have a set routine and structure for checking in each day. You can also inquire about opportunities for remote professional development and career growth within the organization.

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