Follow These Inclusive Hiring Practices in 2022!

Inclusive hiring embraces the needs of diverse candidates to promote equality in employment. These practices aim to help candidates of all backgrounds feel valued and empowered throughout the hiring process. Attracting a wider pool of candidates increases your odds of finding the right fit for the role and company culture. Your organization benefits from increased innovation, productivity, and problem-solving.

Implement the following four hiring practices to increase your company’s inclusivity in 2022.

Show Inclusion in Your Employer Branding

Demonstrate that your company provides an inclusive work environment. For instance, include photos and videos of your diverse team members at work. Also, provide testimonials from diverse employees about what they like best about working for your organization. Additionally, share information about your employee resource groups and your progress toward creating a more diverse workforce.

Develop Inclusive Job Descriptions

Make sure your job descriptions apply to a broad range of candidates. For instance, avoid using gender-coded words such as “sensitive” or “strong.” Whereas the former tends to attract more female candidates, the latter tends to attract more male candidates. Also, include only the necessary education, skills, and experience. Whereas women typically apply if they meet 100% of the qualifications, men typically apply if they meet at least 60% of the qualifications. Additionally, avoid using italics and underlining, which can make it difficult for candidates with dyslexia or visual impairments to read.

Ensure Your Career Site Is Accessible to All

Digital accessibility means people with disabilities or sensory impairments can successfully navigate and apply to your online job postings. For instance, use headers, titles, lists, and other navigational elements in your page structure. This makes it easy for an assistive screen reader tool to scan. Also, use proper color contrast so people with visual impairments or color blindness can differentiate between the design elements. Additionally, include transcripts and captions for your videos so candidates with aural impairments can consume your content. Plus, make sure your site can be navigated without the use of a mouse.

Train on Bias Awareness

Educate your hiring team on unconscious bias that may be favoring or leaving out certain candidates in your recruitment process. These biases may involve gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or abilities. For instance, develop a standardized hiring process to let each candidate demonstrate their abilities. Also, administer employment skills tests to uncover the likelihood of each candidate’s success in the role. Additionally, use structured video interviews where candidates record their answers to the same questions in the same order. Plus, have the members of your hiring team score the responses using a pre-defined scoring rubric.

Need to Increase Inclusivity in Your Hiring?

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