Professionalism Tips That Are Sure to Land You the Job!

Maintenance of a professional image in the workplace is important. This also is true when looking for a new job.

Your skills and experience are important parts of landing a role. However, your level of professionalism matters as well. This can make a difference in whether you are contacted for an interview or offered a job.

Implement these tips to increase your odds of getting the job you want. 

Always Be Networking

Whether you are out running errands or participating in an industry conference, be ready to network. You don’t know who you might meet or how they may lead you to job opportunities.

You may want to have business cards with your contact information and copies of your resume handy. Be ready to share your elevator pitch with your professional information and where you see your career in the future.

Speak Positively About Your Employer

The words you use to describe your current employer speak volumes about you as an employee. This is why you need to use positive language at all times.

If you talk about being underpaid or not feeling supported by your boss, you likely will be seen as a disgruntled employee who does not get along with others. This will discourage managers from hiring you.

Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

Most hiring managers check candidates’ social media profiles to learn more about them. This provides insight into whether the candidates would blend with company culture and excel in the role.

Make sure your social profiles give the professional impression that you want hiring managers to have. This means taking down any inappropriate posts, photos, videos, or other content.

Dress Professionally for Interviews

Wearing the proper attire for interviews shows you take the job seriously. It also tells the interviewers that you value professionalism.

If you are unsure of what to wear to an interview, contact a member of the company’s HR department. They are happy to help.

Follow Up

Email a thank-you note to each interviewer you talk with. Let them know you appreciate their time.

Mention three main points you talked about. Include three main qualifications that make you well-equipped for the role.

Connect with each interviewer on LinkedIn. Show that you know how to build long-term relationships.   

Work with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter from Corps Team can help you find a job in less time than on your own. Visit our job board today.


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