Interested in Recruiting College Graduates? Here’s What They’ll Want from You

Hiring college graduates can add significant talent to your workforce. They have open minds and are ready to establish their careers.

One of the best ways to attract college graduates to your company is by knowing what they look for in an employer. Filling these graduates’ needs encourages them to apply to your open positions.

Offering the following can help you add college graduates to your workforce.

Attractive Company Culture

College graduates desire a culture that supports long-term career growth. They expect their contributions and results to be regularly recognized and rewarded.

Offer competitive compensation and a sign-on bonus to attract these graduates. Include opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions. This promotes job satisfaction and employee retention.

Social Responsibility Programs

A company’s social commitments are important to college graduates. These graduates want to work for organizations that give back to the community.

Encourage managers to organize time for their employees to volunteer with local nonprofit organizations. This promotes camaraderie, teamwork, and engagement.

Work-Life Balance

College graduates want support with balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. They desire help transitioning from school to the labor force while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

You can ease this stress by offering remote or hybrid roles, a flexible schedule, comprehensive PTO policies, and mental health and wellness services. This helps employees feel more control over their time and prioritize self-care. It also increases employee morale and retention.

Customized Benefits and Perks

A benefits package and perks that align with what college graduates want most are attractive. These benefits should align with the graduates’ career paths and lifestyles.

Consider offering a casual dress code, professional development opportunities, and student loan repayment. These opportunities are attractive to college graduates seeking assistance to establish their careers. They show your company wants to help establish a foundation for success.

Career Development

Training and leadership opportunities are attractive to college graduates. These graduates desire mentorship and skill-building to develop their careers.

Consider implementing apprenticeships, certification programs, and leadership development meetings with senior employees. These activities show your company’s commitment to employee career growth. They also promote employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

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