Laid Off? Try These 7 Tips to Get Hired Again

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Being laid off can increase your stress level. The uncertainty of the future can make it difficult to stay positive.

However, being laid off also offers opportunities to start something new. With the high number of job openings, there are a variety of options that fit your goals, skills, and interests.

Targeting the role you want increases your odds of landing it. Knowing how to approach your job search also contributes to your success.

Implement these seven tips to get hired after a layoff.

1. Determine Your Immediate Needs

Ensure you have a plan to cover your bills after being laid off. This can reduce the stress of your job search.

  • File for unemployment.
  • Extend your health insurance coverage through COBRA.
  • Review your budget and adjust as needed.

2. Consider Your Career Path

Think about whether you want to continue to work in the same industry or build a career in a new field.

  • You may want to pursue other interests and passions.
  • Focus on what it would take to land a position in a different industry.
  • Include how your transferrable skills might impact your new career path.
  • Determine whether you would need to gain additional education or training to begin a different career.
  • Think about whether you have contacts in your new field who can help you.

3. Update Your Resume

Add your last position to your resume.

  • Include the skills you gained, your main responsibilities, and your biggest accomplishments.
  • Ensure your resume fits the current standards employers want.
  • If you decide to look for a role in a new field, create a new resume to tailor to each position.

4. Begin Your Job Search

Reach out to the members of your network who work in the industry you desire.

  • This may include former supervisors, managers, colleagues, or coworkers.
  • Let your connections know you are looking for a new position or a career change.
  • Ask about any potential leads or referrals.

5. Research Companies

Learn all you can about the organizations you want to work for.

  • Visit company careers pages and job boards to determine who is hiring.
  • Read employer reviews to see whether the work environment fits with your work style.
  • Ensure the company’s culture aligns with your values.

6. Be Honest

Let employers know why you were laid off.

  • Clarify the circumstances that led to your being laid off.
  • Show you are using the opportunity to expand your skills and overcome challenges.

7. Stay Positive

Maintain a positive attitude during your job search.

  • Continue to network, apply, and interview for roles.
  • Focus on landing the job you desire.

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