Benefits of Being Authentic at Work

Do you believe that your company supports its employees being authentic at work? Or, do you feel the need to behave differently from your true self while you are at work?

Having to leave parts of yourself behind when going to work is not beneficial. It prevents you from being open about who you truly are and what matters most to you. This does not promote job satisfaction or professional fulfillment.

Conversely, organizations that support employees being authentic at work provide psychological safety for self-expression. This increases feelings of acceptance, trust, and respect among employees. It also improves individual and team performance.

Discover the benefits of being authentic at work.

Stronger Work Relationships

Being authentic at work shows you are honest and trustworthy. This encourages your colleagues and coworkers to build relationships with you. They should feel comfortable opening up about who they are and forming lasting connections with you.

More Self-Confidence

Being authentic at work helps you confidently share your ideas, values, and perspectives. You feel secure making fast decisions and explaining your thought process behind them.

Elevated Support System

Being authentic at work encourages you to ask for help when needed. This helps lower your stress level and complete your work on time. It also reduces your odds of experiencing anxiety, depression, or burnout.

Greater Job Satisfaction

Being authentic at work helps you enjoy your job. Your duties and responsibilities likely align with your skills, values, and interests and provide engaging challenges. The happier you are with your job, the more satisfied you are with your career.

Increased Career Growth

Being authentic at work helps you develop your professional interests. This increases your engagement, performance, and productivity at work. It also provides motivation for career advancement.

Better Leadership Skills

Being authentic at work inspires others to follow your example. This is especially important if you want to advance to more senior positions. The more positive influence you have over colleagues and coworkers, the more effective you are as a leader.

Work for a Company That Values Authenticity

If you feel your current company does not value being authentic at work, partner with Corps Team to find one that does. Visit our job board today.


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