2021 Career Success: Create a Game Plan for Your Goals

The success you achieve in your career is greater when you have a plan than when you do not. Knowing what you want to accomplish, how you will go about it, and when you will attain, it is important. One way to go about this is by creating a career game plan. The process lets you define what your version of success looks like, the direction you want your career to go, and a road map to get there. Because your plan fits on one page, you can easily share it with managers, mentors, and coaches to increase your odds of success. 

Follow these four steps to create your 2021 career game plan.  


Create a Purpose Statement 

Begin your career game plan by determining what you want in 2021. Consider what truly makes you happy and excited. Think about the tasks, meetings, or work you perform on your favorite days. These are your passions. Include what others say you are naturally good at, what they ask you for help with, and what you often advise on. These are your strengths. Use your findings to create objectives for 2021. Summarize your objectives in a short, concise purpose statement.  

Establish Goals 

Use your purpose statement to create two or three goals for 2021. Let your purpose statement guide you when making a list of potential goals to work toward. Ask yourself how each potential goal helps you fulfill your purpose. Be sure each of your final goals is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). Include how relevant each goal is to your purpose, what should happen to attain each goal, and how you will measure success. Use your goals to define the boundaries of your career game plan. Be sure to prioritize how you will achieve them.  


Emphasize Competencies 

Focus on the skills, behaviors, and attributes that define who you will become. Examples include leadership, attention to detail, and communication. Prioritize three competencies that will have a high impact on your purpose and goals. Your competencies affect your ability to attain goals and balance your high-level goals with your purpose statement.

Clarify Actions 

Set up an action plan to implement your purpose statement, goals, and competencies. Begin by breaking down your first goal into smaller steps on a sheet of paper. Then, create one column for resources and another column with a deadline completion date. If a step requires a substantial investment of time or money, include it as an early part of your plan. Then, establish completion dates to hold yourself accountable. For instance, you may want to break down your action steps into three-month intervals and keep a running to-do list of them on a whiteboard.  

Work with a Recruiter  

Include working with a recruiter from Corps Team in your 2021 career success plan. Gain access to a true career partner who provides valuable advice and a range of opportunities. See which jobs are open today. 


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