The Best Practices for Recruiting IT Candidates When Visas Are Limited

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According to the National Foundation for American Policy, denial rates for H-1B visa applications are on the rise. The rates increased from 6% in FY 2015 to 29% through the second quarter of FY 2020. One reason for this is because the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services created a different standard for deciding cases for companies that provide IT services. As a result, large tech companies are having a hard time hiring international employees. For this reason, when searching for IT candidates, it is in your best interest to look within the U.S. population. 


Here are some best practices for hiring IT candidates based in the United States.    


Network with Local Schools 

Get involved with local colleges and tech schools that offer IT degrees. To start, build relationships with staff in the career center. Talk about your interest in recruiting IT graduates. Be sure to mention your desire to participate in campus job fairs. Also, contact student organizations that involve participants pursuing an IT degree. You may want to cosponsor study hours, community events, or other student activities. You could provide snacks, network, and make a presentation about your organization. Plus, when you interact with students, be sure to focus on promoting your company and its opportunities. For instance, when speaking at a job fair or event, talk about students’ interest areas, opportunities for advancement, and what to expect from the recruitment process. Along with sharing a PowerPoint presentation from your laptop, discuss how you built your career with the organization. Follow up with interested students. 


Use GitHub 

Since many developers store their code on GitHub, the platform is a great place to find IT professionals. Because the developers categorize their code under a programming language, you can use the dropdown list to choose the language you seek for the open role. Then, filter the results by User and look over the profiles. Many user profiles include an email address. Reach out to see if users may be interested in an opportunity with your company.  


Participate in Stack Overflow 

As a popular question and answer forum for tech talentStack Overflow is a great place to meet coders and developers. Users ask and answer questions, vote for their favorites, and receive points. The points determine how each User’s questions or answers rank. Click the Users section to view individual participants and their top tags. For instance, if the programming language C comes up, the User asked and answered many questions about the topic. Then, build a Google X-Ray search to find users who also have C as a top tag. Look at the profiles to determine whether they match the role you are recruiting for. Contact the selected candidates to see whether they may be interested in an opportunity with your company. 


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