Your Move Up the Career Ladder Starts with Your Job Search!

climb career ladder

The time has come where you are ready to move up in your career. You want new responsibilities, challenges, and leadership opportunities. However, before you begin applying for roles, make sure you set up your job search for success. There is more to it than sending your cover letter and resume to targeted employers. Invest some time completing the following action items first.  


Prepare for your job search by following these steps. 


Write Down Your Goals 

Clarify the type of job you seek. Include the work environment, industry, salary, benefits, perks, and other pertinent information. The more defined your goals, the more efficient you will be.  


List Your Target Companies 

Create a list of employers who meet your qualifications. Include location, industry, size, and corporate culture. Then, learn all you can about each organization. For instance, find out about their job openings. Determine whether you know anyone who can provide an employee referral. Next, follow these companies on social media. Set up Google News Alerts to stay informed on job openings.   


Organize Your Search Activities  

Determine the best way to keep your job search organized. For instance, create a professional-looking email address exclusively for search activities. Also, ensure your voicemail confirms your name, so employers know they reached the right person. Further, use a web-based tool, Excel spreadsheet, or another method to track job applications. Plus, run Google searches to find niche job boards in your field or industry. Create a profile on each so you can upload your resume.  


Mark Jobs That Interest You 

Look online for roles you are interested in and qualified for. Determine whether each position fits with your long-term career plans, you are over-or under-qualified, and what the company culture is like. Find out whether there educational or advancement opportunities that fit your career goals and whether anyone you know works there. Use your answers to determine whether an application would be worthwhile and whether to include the job in your system for organizing applications. Save the job description in case you end up preparing for an interview.   



Prioritize your contacts based on their connection to your targeted companies, fields, and industries. You are significantly more likely to land a job offer when you have an employee referral than if you do not. Reconnect with these individuals through a phone call or virtual coffee date. Ask if they would be willing to provide a referral for you.  


Tailor Your Cover Letter and Resume 

Make minor changes to your cover letter and resume, so they match each job opening. Include keywords used in the job description and your skills and qualifications essential to increasing your odds of passing your information from an applicant tracking system to the hiring manager. 


Partner with a Recruiter  

Include a recruiter from Corps Team in your job search. Gain access to a true career partner, valuable advice, and a range of opportunities. Visit our job board today. 


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