Tips from a Recruiter: How to Ace a Video Interview

By: Brigid Lipps, PHR, SHRM-CP,
Senior Recruiter Corps Team

How to Ace a Video Interview:

The interview process is not what it used to be, even just in the past year! The working world has adapted to a more remote model and in turn, so has interviewing.

The video interview is commonplace these days and for candidates who have never done one, it can be stressful not knowing what to expect. We want to make sure you’re ready.

Here are some Tips from a Recruiter on nailing that video interview!

  • Test your Tech: Prior to the interview, test your technology. Laptop, desktop, phone…whatever you plan to use should be tested a few days before the interview. You might need to download an app or add a plugin, so a “tech check” will be crucial. And make sure your device is charged!
  • Do a TrialRun: Get a friend or family member to practice a video interview with you. Adjust your lighting, sound/microphone, etc. accordingly. You want to be seen and heard clearly.
  • Location Matters: Take the call in a quiet area with no distractions (kids, pets, television). Keep the area around you clutter-free so it looks nice and tidy to the interviewer.
  • Dress Appropriately: This is still an interview after all, so dress like you would for a face-to-face interview. Business formal is safe, so a suit or blazer work well. Avoid super bright colors that might affect your lighting. And during your test run, wear your interview attire to ensure your top half looks good (and not crumpled) while you’re sitting down.
  • Be an Early Bird: Give yourself enough time to handle any last-minute tech issues and log in 5 minutes before the scheduled video call time. Have your resume beside you to reference and any questions written down that you may want to ask.
  • Relax and Sell Yourself: You’ve done the prep work, so relax and toot your own horn! Keeping eye contact and good posture, like in a normal interview, is important. Since video calls can have delays, pause before answering the question to avoid any overlap with the interviewer. Speak calmly and clearly. And of course, smile!
  • Thank You: As always, thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate your interest in the job. Send a “thank you” note via email after the call.

Hopefully, these tips will allow you to feel more confident during a video interview. After all, the goal of any interview is the same – to show you’re the right candidate for the job.


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