Make Your Job Descriptions More Inclusive with These 4 Tips

more inclusive job descriptions

Your job descriptions play a significant role in determining the types of candidates who want to join your team. Since a job posting may be a candidate’s introduction to your company, it influences their first impression of your organization. As a result, your job descriptions need to be inclusive to deepen your pool with diverse candidates. This increases the diversity you see in your employees.  


Here are four tips to make your job descriptions more inclusive.    


1. Use Gender-Neutral Words 

Gender-coded words imply that a role is better suited to members of one gender more than another. This causes you to miss out on qualified candidates. For instance, feminine-coded words such as “support,” “honest,” and “understand” suggest that the position requires characteristics traditionally associated with women. Masculine-coded words such as “ambitious,” “assertive,” and “independent” imply that the role requires characteristics traditionally associated with men. Instead, use online tools such as Textio Hire to ensure your job descriptions are gender-neutral.   


2. List Only Must-Haves 

Whereas women typically apply for a position if they meet 100% of the qualifications, men typically apply for a role if they meet 60% of the qualifications. By including requirements not essential for the role, you miss out on highly qualified women who want to be added to your team. To combat this issue, clearly outline which qualifications are necessary and which are preferred. Also, share desired skills with words such as “familiarity with” or “bonus points for.” Plus, mention areas where transferrable skills are accepted. You can train the right candidate in pertinent areas once they come aboard.  


3. Mention Experienced and Disabled Workers 

Seasoned and disabled workers often think that their differences will cause them not to feel welcome in an organization. Change this belief by not asking for “young and energetic” candidates who “work hard and play hard” to apply to your openings. Also, show how your employer brand reflects workers of all ages and abilities. Plus, mention your policies for flexible hours or remote work options, which appeal to disabled workers. If the work needs to be done onsite, state that reasonable accommodations can be made and that a reliable means of transportation is required.    


4. Share Family-Related Benefits 

Candidates who have a family or want to start one someday may be unsure of how parental responsibilities may impact a role with your company. To put them at ease, discuss your policies for paid parental leave, childcare subsidies, paid family sick time, and health insurance options. Also, include perks such as reimbursement for fitness activities or pet care that may appeal to employees who choose not to have families. Offering flexibility to take care of personal responsibilities during employment attracts various qualified candidates eager to work for your organization.   


Hire Diverse Employees  

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