Receiving Multiple Job Offers? Here Is How to Pick the Right One

After multiple rounds of interviews for different roles, you received written job offers from more than one company. Congratulations! Now, you get to decide which employer is right for you. Taking the time to carefully consider your options will lead to greater job satisfaction and career success.

Use these guidelines to choose the right job offer for you.

Compare the Salaries, Benefits, and Perks

Make a list of the salary, benefits, and perks you were offered for each role. Be sure to include a monetary value for the health insurance, retirement plan with match, any parking reimbursement, and other expenses the company covers. All of this contributes to your earnings. Factor in how geographically close you are to each office and how often you need to be there. If you are able to walk or work remotely at least some of the time, you will save money on transportation costs.

Assess the Workplace Culture 

Evaluate how well you blend with company culture. The more your mission, vision, and values fit with the organization’s, the easier it will be to acclimate. You also are likely to remain happy, engaged, and productive in a positive work environment that makes you feel valued.

Determine the Opportunities to Advance

Detail your potential to develop professionally within each organization. Include whether each role offers the education and training opportunities required for career advancement. You may be able to enroll in company-paid online classes, conferences, or certification programs to gain the skills and experience that help you advance and progress in your career.

Include the Alignment with Your Goals

Write down how each role helps you fulfill your long-term career goals. Go over what you learned about each job, company, and culture during your interviews. Think about the skills and challenges each position offers. Determine how well the roles will help you develop your career path.

Evaluate the Managers

Since who you directly work with significantly impacts your success in a role, consider the characteristics you learned about each manager. You need someone who encourages skill building and growth and provides motivation when needed. You also want a manager who serves as a coach and mentor to help you move up in the organization. If possible, talk with current or past employees about their experiences as well.

Consider the Impact on Your Personal Life 

Write down whether each position requires you to work at odd hours, travel often, or make other commitments that affect your personal life. Think about whether you would be OK with the changes. Often, speaking with your family members and/or friends to seek input can be helpful in the decision-making process.

Talk with a Recruiter

Talk with a recruiter from Corps Team to gain advice about your next career move. Keep us in mind for your next job change. Start getting ideas from our job board.


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