Tips for Creating a Diverse Hiring Strategy

Diversity within your team members is one key to business success. Being able to draw on the perspectives and backgrounds of your employees from different demographics results in greater problem solving and innovation. Employing diverse workers who represent the people you serve also increases your candidate pools and customer base. People want to work for and buy from companies where they see their gender, socioeconomic level, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other characteristics within the workforce.

Implement these tips to craft a diversity recruitment strategy. 

Define Your Diversity Recruitment Goals

Write down your top three to five goals for hiring diverse employees. For instance, “increase diversity at every level of the company to reflect its customer base and the communities served.” Or “drive and measure the impact that diversity has on business results.” Use data on company and job seeker expectations for diversity as a basis. When your goals align with candidates’ needs, you are more likely to receive applications from diverse candidates.

Diversify Your Sourcing

Make sure your candidate sourcing methods emphasize diversity. For instance, be sure your job postings include gender-neutral language and only the minimum qualifications. This increases the odds of attracting a broad range of candidates. Or, if you are targeting specific demographics for a role, share your reasons why. Show how your company would be a great fit for these candidates. Also, target diverse candidates where they often spend time. This may include online or offline groups or organizations aimed at a specific demographic in a certain industry. You can build relationships with these individuals and encourage them to work for you. Plus, ask your diverse employees to provide referrals. They are likely to have connections with similar backgrounds who may be looking for a job.

Reduce Bias in Interviews

Ensure your interview process is as free from bias as possible. For instance, black out the names, schools, and other identifying information on resumes. Also, send interview questions through a recruitment platform for candidates to answer without revealing personal information. Then, contact the top candidates for in-person interviews. Additionally, have a diverse panel ask candidates the same interview questions. Use a rubric to score the answers and take notes. Compare the interviewers’ results to decide which candidates should advance or be offered a job.

Measure Your Progress

Define and monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine whether you are making progress toward reaching your diversity recruitment goals. Common KPIs include a change in diversity in senior leadership, management, and employees, change in talent pipeline diversity, and employee satisfaction with diversity. Report your results monthly or quarterly, along with your business results. Look for correlations between your companywide KPI progress and your diversity metrics.

Work with a Diverse Staffing Agency

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