The Risk of Accepting a Counteroffer

When you find a new job and give your manager your resignation letter, they may provide you with a counteroffer. This might include increased compensation, additional benefits, more paid time off, or another attractive offering. Although it may seem flattering that your employer wants you to stay, it likely is not in your best interest. In most cases, you should move forward with taking the new job.

Discover four reasons why you probably should not accept a counteroffer when leaving your employer.

Your Reason for Leaving Remains

If you stay with your current employer, the issue you wanted to leave behind likely still will be there. Whether you wanted a better manager, a more supportive company culture, greater work-life integration, or something else, you probably will not have it if you stay at your current job. In most cases, no amount of compensation, benefits, or paid time off will make things better long-term.

Your Relationships Become Damaged

When your colleagues and coworkers find out you submitted your resignation, they likely will view you differently than before. This is especially true if you accept the increased pay, benefits, paid time off, or other incentives to stay. Your coworkers may become resentful because you received something of value simply for trying to leave, not because you took on additional responsibility. This can create long-term tension.

Your Career May Remain Stagnant

When your employer knows you want to leave the organization, you are likely to be passed over for promotions. Because your credibility and reputation have been damaged, your manager may wonder whether you still are looking for a new role. As a result, they probably will consider your colleagues for advancement rather than you.

You May Be Replaced

When your employer knows you want to leave, they may encourage you to stay until they hire someone to take your place. This is especially true if you have hard-to-find skills. Because your manager knows you are willing to go, they understand you no longer are loyal to the company. This lack of commitment may encourage your employer to keep you on only for as long as they need you. Keeping you around until a new employee is hired and trained can be less expensive than the disruption your departure may cause.

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