Offering These Benefits Can Increase Candidate Appeal!

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The benefits offered with a role are a significant factor in whether candidates apply for a position. This is why providing a competitive benefits package can increase the number of applicants you receive for a job opening. Be sure your benefits fill diverse needs for all age groups to attract a better balance of candidates.

Providing these in-demand benefits can attract more applicants to your positions.

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Candidates appreciate employer support to cover health, dental, and vision insurance. The rising costs of these policies can be prohibitive if employees have to pay the premiums on their own. Providing at least a portion of the cost helps increase feelings of security for your staff.

Retirement Plan

Applicants want help saving, so they can stop working in the future. Because the total cost of retirement continues to grow, offering a 401(k) with a company match is one of the most desirable retirement plans. You may want to match dollar-for-dollar the first 3% of an employee’s salary, then 50 cents on the dollar for the next 2%. Keep in mind your company gets a tax break on employer contributions.

Group Life Insurance

Many candidates desire a group life insurance plan to provide additional security for their families. These applicants appreciate knowing there would be a source of income for their loved ones in case they pass away. Fortunately, a group life insurance policy is cost-efficient and easy to provide your staff.

Physical and Mental Wellness Programs

Applicants look for employers who prioritize their overall well-being. This is why you should consider offering mental health support, telemedicine services, health coaching, and nutrition support to your employees. Yoga classes, meditation, and stress management programs are in-demand too. Discounted or free gym memberships, online fitness classes and apps, and athletic gear reimbursement may also be attractive.

Financial Wellness Programs

Candidates may desire help planning and meeting their financial obligations. The furloughs and layoffs that many experienced may have contributed to financial stress. Access to services for student loan repayment, emergency savings planning, retirement planning, and other financial education may be welcome.

Remote Work Stipend

Candidates looking to work from home would enjoy a stipend to cover their remote work needs. This may cover essential equipment and office items required to work from home. In addition to laptops and office supplies, you may provide comforts like a standing desk or ergonomically designed chairs to make working from home a bit easier.

Childcare Assistance

Applicants for remote positions may appreciate help with childcare issues. This might include resources and referrals for child care, tutoring, or backup emergency care so that parents can finish as much work as possible.

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