Keep Up with Diversity in Your Hiring in 2022 With These Tips

Workforce diversity is one key to a thriving company. The more diverse your employees are in ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability, the more innovative, engaged, and productive your staff is. These are reasons why diversity needs to remain a top priority for your organization in the coming year.

Implement these tips to maintain diversity in your hiring in 2022.

Review Your Workplace Policies

You may need to update your company policies or create new ones to increase diversity in your workforce. The policies may involve hiring practices, employee performance evaluations, promotions, or other areas of the business. For instance, make sure your job descriptions include gender-neutral language to reach a broader group of candidates. Also, have HR submit resumes without names or other ethnic indicators to hiring managers. This encourages interview decisions to be based on an applicant’s education, skills, experience, and accomplishments, reducing implicit bias about different types of applicants.

Train Managers on Diversity and Create Greater Awareness

Regularly educate hiring managers on the importance of diversity in the workforce. This helps them become better equipped to promote diversity in their hiring and management decisions. For instance, the managers may learn new ways to help staff feel valued, be open to different perspectives, and welcome open discussion. Training on cultural differences and creating awareness also helps managers provide more effective support for their diverse employees. For instance, the managers may learn more effective ways to listen, empathize, and better understand sensitive issues that affect different identity groups. Be sure to consistently ask managers for feedback on the training. Find out what is most effective, what needs improvement, and specific ways to improve.

Manage Diversity Among Your Staff

Provide the tools and technology needed to increase diversity among your workforce. For instance, use an app to remotely manage onboarding and training on your diversity policy. This lets you keep track of each new hire’s progress through the material. Also, send surveys requesting feedback on your diversity training. Be sure to ask about your employees’ needs and concerns and specific ways you can more effectively fill them.

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