Tips from a Recruiter: Enhancing the Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is the series of interactions that a job seeker has with your company throughout the recruiting process. This can include job postings, the application process, the applicant tracking system, the interview process, and more.
Creating a positive candidate experience is critical, but often something companies fall short on. Use these tips to help build or enhance this experience for any candidate in your hiring process.

Establish an Easy Application Process: Keep it simple and mobile-friendly. It’s been proven that an application that takes longer than 5 minutes to complete loses interest (and candidates). Plus, most job seekers are using their phones to apply, so have the proper tech in place.

Update the Careers Page: Applicants are visiting the company’s Careers page to view jobs and gather information. Ensure the postings are informative and accurate, but more so that the page itself is user-friendly. Anything difficult to move through will just frustrate candidates.

Show Respect: Treat candidates with respect at all stages of the process. From the first contact to the final offer, showing you care and keeping people updated is an easy way to create a positive candidate experience.

Refine the Interview Process: Few things are worse for a candidate than a lengthy, multi-round interview process that takes months to complete. Establish a reasonable hiring process from the start and you will not only keep people engaged but lessen your risk losing them to competing offers that moved quicker.

By enhancing the overall candidate experience, you attract better applicants, compete for top talent, and the odds increase that you’ve made a better hire. It’s worth it.


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