Representation Is Important! How to Promote Inclusivity Around the Holidays

Your team members perform their best when they feel seen and understood. This is why you should promote inclusivity within your organization. One way to do so is to represent your employees’ cultures and beliefs as much as possible during the holiday season. Celebrating with them during their most important holidays shows you care about them and respect their diversity.

Choose among these ideas to increase representation around your office during the holiday season.

Ask Your Employees Which Holidays Should Be Recognized

Find out which holidays your team members would like to celebrate in the office. You may talk about which cultural celebrations are most important to them and what they would like to share about them. Remind your team that answering is optional. Use your findings to determine how to proceed.

Share Reminders for Holiday Celebrations

Keep track of which days holiday celebrations fall on each year. You may want to upload in the company calendar the holidays your team members celebrate. Or, you could create a separate calendar to display in the office. You may want to send a monthly Slack message about the upcoming holidays as well. Be sure you plan the celebrations around days that team members may fast for Ramadan. Also, you may not want to serve alcohol because many Muslims do not drink.

Promote Team Planning

Encourage your employees to participate in planning the holiday celebrations. Request that they share their stories and contribute decorations from their faith and background. Your team members may bring holiday dishes or treats from their culture as well.

Have a New Year Party

Consider organizing a New Year party instead of a holiday party. The theme could be about the company’s goals for the new year and the values that support them. It often is easier for employees to make parties in January than in December. You also should be able to save money if hosting at an off-site venue.

Make Attendance Optional

Remind your team members that they do not have to participate in holiday celebrations. Many people experience high levels of depression because they cannot be with the ones they love. Be aware of which employees may need additional support during this time. Communicate your appreciation of their being part of your team. Remind your team members that they can talk with you if needed.

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