Prepping for The New Year! What to Look for in a New Career in 2022

With the new year coming, you may be interested in a new career path. Because your needs and interests may have changed from when you began working, a new occupation may be in your best interest. You should get started today to start seeing the results you want.

Implement these tips to begin moving along a new career path in 2022.

Determine Which Occupations Interest You

Research the careers that fit your skills, values, and interests. You can use online and educational resources to find out more about each profession. You also may want to visit professional organizations’ websites for additional insights. Be sure to find out who the thought leaders are in each field, then look for articles, interviews, and videos that feature them. Use your findings to narrow your list to a career path you want to pursue.

Find Out Whether You Need to Retrain

Determine which of your transferrable skills and experience may be beneficial for your new occupation. You might need to take an online class or earn a certificate or diploma to enter your new field. Or, you could begin volunteering to gain the skills and experience needed to start your new professional path.

Research the Industries and Companies That Interest You

Learn all you can about the fields and employers that may be a part of your new career. Include the projects different companies have going on and what the work culture is like. Going beyond the job description helps you understand more about how a potential role and industry may affect your personal happiness.

Talk with Members of Your Network

Set up meetings with your connections who work in the industry or position that interests you. Learn all you can about their job duties, responsibilities, career options, and other relevant information. Ask questions to determine whether the field may be right for you. If so, find out whether there are any openings and that your contact will put in a good word for you. Also, ask your connections to introduce you to other professionals in the industry. Set up informational interviews with them as well. The more you learn about the field, the more informed decisions you can make.

Partner with a Recruiter

Reach out to a recruiter in the industry you want to work in. Let them know you want to change careers. Include your transferrable skills, experience, goals, and desired career path. The recruiter can match you with the appropriate roles, help with resume preparation, and coach you on the interview process.

Talk with Corps Team

Work with Corps Team to start along your new career path. Visit our job board today.


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