6 Attraction/Retention Strategies for Prospective Employees

Finding and keeping the best talent is not an easy task. Given the significant number of current job openings, fulfilling this objective may be even harder than usual. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to increase your success.

Implement these tips to enhance your attraction and retention strategies for employees.

Be an Employer of Choice

Build a strong employer brand that makes job seekers want to work for you. Top talent will want to join your team because of the reputation you gain among your employees. Be sure to analyze your practices for employee motivation, accountability, reward, recognition, flexibility, promotion, involvement, and retention. When you excel in these areas, your current and former team members are likely to write positive employer reviews and refer top candidates to your company.

Provide Competitive Compensation

Offer an above-average salary and benefits package for each role. Research the local job market to determine the type of compensation companies in your industry are offering. Offer more than the going rate. Because you get what you pay for, your quality of hire should be high. Be sure to offer benefits above industry standards as well. They should include health insurance, a retirement plan with company match, paid time off, opportunities for bonuses and raises, and other desirable benefits. Point out to candidates the cost and value of the benefits package, so they know you are looking out for their needs.

Prioritize Work-Life Integration

Providing the flexibility for your employees to fit in work around their personal lives is important. When your team members can work the hours during which they are most productive, they get more done in less time. Your employees also can participate in their children’s school activities, run errands, and take care of other personal needs while fulfilling their professional responsibilities. Your team members should experience less stress and anxiety when they are able to spend adequate time on personal and professional fulfillment.

Show Employee Appreciation

Your team members need to be recognized for their contributions and results. They want to work in project roles that make the most of their strengths and help develop new skills. Listening to your employees’ ideas and ways of doing things helps them feel valued and respected. They also like representing the team at conferences or networking events. Be sure to point out your employees’ accomplishments and milestones, so they know you are grateful for their work.

Offer Opportunities for Advancement

Professional growth is important for your employees. Formal and informal learning opportunities, training, coaching, and feedback are required for career advancement. On-the-job training with diverse colleagues, coworkers, and leaders helps with hard and soft skill development. The experience gained can help secure promotions within the organization. You should be regularly talking with your team members about the steps needed to move up and how they can fulfill the requirements.

Gain Additional Attraction and Retention Strategies

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