Tips from a Recruiter: Post-Interview Steps

You’ve been invited to interview, made it through the conversation, and now…you have work to do.

The time after an interview is critical because you can reinforce your interest in the role and elevate yourself above the competition with a few simple steps. It’s nothing complicated, but it’s essential if you want to stand out among the rest.

Follow these tips and timing to have a successful post-interview process:

  • Ask for Next Steps: Before you finish the interview, ask about the timing and next steps in the process. Ensure your availability and request their contact information (so you can proceed with the next suggestion below).
  • Thank You Note: The impact of a well-written thank you note cannot be underestimated. Email is the best way to go for quickness but write it professionally and use it to reiterate your skills and experience. Send this note the same day of your interview.
  • Connect on LinkedIn: Search for the hiring manager on LinkedIn and connect. Even if you don’t get this job, being connected expands your professional network and future opportunities.
  • References: Stay ahead of things by having your professional reference list prepared and ready to send upon request. Give your references a heads up if you go further in the process so they know they could be contacted.
  • Follow Up: Follow the instructions of the hiring manager when you originally asked about next steps. If that timeframe has passed, reach out and let them know you’re still interested. Just be careful and don’t stalk them with daily inquiries – that only hurts your chances.

The job search process can be difficult, lengthy, stressful, and everything in between but there are ways for you to stand out. These tips for the post-interview process will help you do so.


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