Struggles with Diversity and Why It Is a Crucial Part of Your Hiring Strategy

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Diversity in your hiring results in more innovative teams. The more skilled and experienced your employees are, the better they are at solving problems and overcoming obstacles.

Hiring employees with diverse backgrounds provides your teams with different ideas and perspectives. This makes your teams more efficient and effective when completing work.

Diversity is important for your business’s success. This is why you should prioritize it in your hiring process.

Discover some ways to overcome struggles with diversity in your hiring process and increase your company’s success.

Biased Language in Your Job Postings

Pay attention to the words used in your job postings.

  • If the language contains unconscious bias, women, people of color, and individuals with disabilities are less likely to apply for a role they are qualified for.
  • These candidates may feel that they would not be welcome or fit in with your organization.

You can create unbiased job postings in the following ways:

  • Use gender-neutral words like “they” and job titles such as “salesperson.”
  • Include only the core requirements to perform the work.
  • Share whether accommodations such as a flexible schedule or telework are possible.

Lack of Diverse Candidates

Focus on varying the places used to source your candidates.

  • Continuing to advertise job openings in the same places typically results in applicants with similar backgrounds.
  • Hiring homogenous employees often leads to similar ideas and approaches to problem-solving.
  • Lack of significant differences reduces innovation.

You can target diverse candidates with the following methods:

  • Encourage your diverse employees to refer members of their networks.
  • Connect with members of online and in-person groups focused on your industry. These professionals may be interested in job opportunities.
  • Advertise on job boards focused on your industry.

Homogenous Employer Brand

Diverse job seekers need to see their peers represented throughout your organization.

  • Typically hiring employees with similar backgrounds suggests that job seekers with different backgrounds may not feel valued.
  • Seeing employees mainly of one gender or culture can discourage job seekers of another gender or culture from applying.

You can modify your employer brand by taking the following steps:

  • Include photos, videos, and interviews with your diverse employees on your careers site and in your social media content.
  • Encourage your diverse employees to share online employer reviews.
  • Request that your employees talk about what your company is doing to promote diversity among its staff.

Narrowly Focused Company Policies

Your company policies may be designed according to traditional standards and expectations.

  • Your paid holidays may focus primarily on Easter and Christmas.
  • Your employees may be expected to perform work onsite that could be done remotely.

You can update your requirements in the following ways:

  • Update your paid holidays to include Holi, Eid al-Adha, Kwanzaa, Yom Kippur, and other days of observation.
  • Offer flexible schedules and remote or hybrid work.
  • Talk with your employees about other suggestions that would make your policies more inclusive.

Increase Diversity in Your Hiring

Corps Team can help increase diversity in your hiring process. Contact us to learn more today.


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