Mother’s Day Is Coming: Here Is How to Support Your Working Moms Every Day of the Year

Approximately half of the US workforce is female. Many of these women are moms. This means your company policies and culture need to support working moms.

Hiring women, including working moms, benefits your organization. Women excel at prioritization, communication, and negotiation. They also are resilient and adaptable. Plus, women know how to deal with distractions and juggle multiple demands.

Hiring working moms increases your company’s diversity. Along with their unique skill sets, working moms offer new perspectives to drive innovation. They also advocate for a flexible workplace culture to accommodate all employees’ needs.

These are reasons why your company needs to provide support for working moms. The following tips can help.

Implement any of these methods to provide support for your working moms.

Talk About Your Working Moms’ Needs

Find out which needs your working moms require the most help to fill. You may want to send an anonymous survey or talk with employees at all levels who you know are mothers to uncover this information.

Include questions about your working moms’ different needs based on the stage of their parenting journey. Leave space for additional comments as well.

Share that your goal is to align your company’s programs to fill your working moms’ changing needs. This includes women who are pregnant and women who have children under 18 years of age.

For instance, your organization may want to provide additional support during transition points. These include welcoming a new child, managing a change in schedule or role, and returning from parental leave.

You might want to focus your benefits and programming on these areas. This may include offering parental leave on a phase-back basis, such as working half-days for the first few weeks. Then, working moms can have a slower return transition.

Provide Accommodations for New Moms

Offer a space with a locking door for nursing mothers to breastfeed or pump. Ensure the area is private and quiet. Include a comfortable chair, towels, and refrigerators only for breast milk.

Offer Benefits that Working Moms Want

Paid parental leave and child care assistance are among the most in-demand benefits for working moms. This includes reimbursement for daycare fees, backup child care, or onsite childcare service. Programs for new parents, dependent care flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and digital forums for moms in your organization to chat are appealing. A flexible work schedule and the ability to work remotely also are welcome. Unlimited PTO is attractive as well.

Create a Mentorship Program for Working Moms

Connect expectant or new moms with moms in leadership positions. This type of one-on-one support helps your new moms build confidence as they navigate their role as parents. The new moms can ask questions, receive advice, and resolve issues as they move forward in their careers.

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