What to Do If Your Employee Is Not Taking Their PTO

Your employees should be using all of their paid time off (PTO) annually. They need time to rest, recharge, and come back to work refreshed.

Employees who use their PTO experience increased focus, creativity, and problem-solving. They also show higher engagement, productivity, and retention after being away from work.

If you have an employee who is not using their PTO, you need to find out why. Uncovering the reason can help you encourage them to use their time away from work. This benefits your employee, your team, and the organization.

Implement these tips if your employee is not using all of their PTO.   

Discuss the Importance of PTO

Talk with your employee about why spending time away from work matters. Share that it promotes self-care, family time, and engagement in personal interests. These activities help support positive mental health.

Share the Benefits of PTO

Discuss with your employee the advantages of using their PTO. This includes improving their mental health, personal relationships, and work performance. It also involves unplugging from the daily routine to help avoid burnout.

Limit PTO Rollover

Let your employee know that not all of their PTO can be carried over to the next year. This encourages them to use their PTO rather than lose it. Your employee is better off engaging in meaningful activities away from work than working nonstop and becoming burnt out.

Set a PTO Deadline

Let your employee know when they need to request their PTO by. Have them write down their vacation plans for the year and the dates to request off by. This encourages your employee to consciously schedule their vacations. It also helps you delegate their workload when they’re away.

Promote Short Breaks

Your employee may not know what to do during their PTO. Or, they might not want to take off more than a week. If so, you could encourage your employee to extend their weekend. Or, suggest they take off in the middle of the week. This can provide a much-needed break from work.

Encourage Vacations

Talk with your team about expressing positivity when a member uses their PTO. Remind them that everyone needs time away to relax and recharge. Nobody should feel guilty about taking time off work.

Take Your Own Vacation

Use your PTO to lead by example. As their leader, your employee is likely to model your behavior. Be sure to discuss what you plan to do during your time away. This provides ideas for what your employee can do if they need suggestions.

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