How Your Outdated Hiring Process Is Hindering Your DE&I Efforts

There is a common belief that hiring to reach diversity goals should not be more important than hiring based on a candidate’s qualifications. This implies that candidates cannot be both diverse and qualified for a role.

The reality is that qualified candidates come from a variety of cultures and ethnicities. They differ by gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, and other characteristics.

Diverse candidates deserve to be represented at all levels of an organization. This is why having an updated hiring process is so important.

Focusing on diversity in the hiring process helps bring aboard qualified candidates from different backgrounds. This provides a foundation for companies to fulfill their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.

Implement these tips to update your hiring process and create sustainable results for your DE&I goals.

Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process

Hiring managers need adequate time and resources to connect with and earn the trust of diverse talent. They also need to promote sustainable and equitable practices that emphasize inclusivity in company culture.

HR leaders can encourage these practices by reducing bias throughout the candidate journey. This may include listing only the necessary education, skills, experience, and qualifications in job descriptions. It also might involve using the same interview questions and a rubric scoring system for applicants for a role.

Avoid Colorblind Hiring

Some hiring teams believe that personally identifying information on resumes, such as candidates’ names or educational experiences, should be removed to promote colorblind hiring. However, this practice does not acknowledge and appreciate diversity or promote DE&I in hiring. As a result, the resumes should remain as they are submitted.

Measure Your Success

Your DE&I development requires ongoing evaluation and adjustment to improve the process. This means you need the appropriate tools to measure your results.

One way to accomplish this is by regularly providing surveys on employee engagement and job satisfaction. HR leaders and senior leadership can use the information to gather feedback and insight from employees in underrepresented communities.

You also can create focus groups and promote open discussion about your DE&I efforts and results. Encourage your employees to openly share their experiences working for your company. Find out what your organization is doing well, how it can improve, and specific ways it can do better.

Improve Your Hiring Results

Most professionals consider workforce diversity when deciding which roles to apply for or job offers to accept. Seeing themselves represented at different levels of your organization encourages diverse talent to want to work for your company.

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