How to Use Your Recruitment Strategies with the Multi-Generational Workforce

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Different generations desire different things from their employers. For instance, each generation tends to prioritize company culture, collaboration, transparency, and compensation differently.

Understanding which aspects of your organization to emphasize when hiring helps bring aboard the best talent to your organization. The following insight can provide different types of motivation for different generations.

Use the following tips to customize your recruitment strategies for each generation.

Emphasize Company Culture

Generation Z prioritizes a sense of belonging in the organization they work for. They identify with the company’s values and impact on society. Having meaningful work is important as well.

To attract Generation Z, focus on what your company stands for. Candidates who align with your mission, vision, and values are likely to be successful with your organization.

Communicate your culture through your website. Demonstrating your company values shows Generation Z what working with your organization is like.

Include how your company impacts the lives of community members. Generation Z candidates should apply for your jobs to join your community involvement.

Highlight Collaboration

Millennials prioritize teamwork. They appreciate doing their part to complete group projects. Millennials also enjoy cross-training in other roles to help out when colleagues are absent.

Share some ways your culture promotes teamwork. This may include the projects a team collaborated on or the team-building activities your company recently participated in. Millennials likely will apply for your jobs to participate in these activities.

Promote Transparency

Generation X desires honest and direct communication. This includes sharing ideas, information, and perspectives in a clear and concise manner.

Maintain open communication throughout your hiring process. This may include using chatbots, email automation, or phone calls at different touchpoints. This shows candidates where they are in the process, what the next step is, and when to expect to hear back about a decision. Generation X will appreciate the transparency while working for you.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Baby boomers expect their knowledge, skills, and experience to be well-compensated. They understand the value of sharing their company insight with newer employees.

Provide competitive salaries and benefits to attract employees. This includes health insurance, a retirement plan, and significant paid time off. It also involves opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions. You likely will add seasoned professionals to your workforce.

Elevate Your Candidate Experience

Candidates from all generations want a positive experience interacting with your company. This includes communicating throughout the hiring process, asking purposeful interview questions, and sending a follow-up survey to improve your process.

Providing the best possible candidate experience increases the odds of hiring candidates from any generation. The more valued and respected candidates feel, the greater their likelihood of working for your organization.

Many candidates post online employer reviews that show what it is like interviewing for a company. The more positive your reviews, the more candidates of all generations will seek employment through your company.

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