Tips from a Recruiter: Job Seeker Do’s & Don’ts

Searching for a job is a unique experience that takes time and energy, while often producing stress. It’s a big decision that impacts your daily life. The steps you take and impressions you make will be the difference between an endless search or landing the job.

Here are some tips on the do’s and don’ts of a job hunt:


  • Network: Connecting with other professionals and resources is key in identifying opportunities and building relationships that can lead to jobs. Use LinkedIn, professional associations, alumnae groups, etc.
  • Strategize: Think about the type of job you want. Is it a specific company, industry, location? Research and determine your options and apply, if qualified.
  • Quality Resume: A resume is usually the first impression an employer gets when considering you for a role, so if you want more than a 2-minute glance, make it stand out. There are many resume building resources and templates available for free online.
  • Be Patient: Job searches take time, so expecting results overnight isn’t realistic. Invest the time to find the best role for you.


  • Falsify Information: Resumes should be factual, not fluff. Do not inflate your experience by including false information about your skills and abilities. It will come back to bite you.
  • Limit Your Search: Be creative in the places you search and don’t be tied to one resource, like LinkedIn, to produce results for you. Dive in and discover new avenues where a dream job could be hiding.
  • Be Dishonest: If you are not really interested in the job, be honest – whether it’s stopping yourself from applying or withdrawing from the interview stage. Waiting until the end of the process or just using the opportunity to practice interview skills leaves a bad impression.
  • Forget the Basics: Clean up your resume, practice interviewing, dress appropriately, and be professional.

Respecting the job search process and the ways to make it more effective are important. If you’re investing your time and energy, do it the right way.


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