How to Bring Humor into Interviews

Being humorous is an effective method to have fun while getting the results you want. This is especially true during a job interview.

Using work-appropriate humor helps you stand out from other candidates. It shows you are a potential hire who would be a fun and productive team member.

Interviewers appreciate seeing a candidate’s personality during the discussion. This shows whether the candidate would be a welcome member of the team. It also increases your likelihood of receiving a job offer.

Choose among these methods to include humor in your job interviews.

Share Stories

Include in each of your answers a story with relatable details that connect you with the interviewer.

For instance, assume you were a project manager for a top company in Ohio. You might say, “I grew up in Cincinnati, where we have the best ice cream in the universe. I always wanted to work for Company X. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from Ohio State. After graduation, I began working as a project manager.

The interviewer can ask follow-up questions about your work as a project manager. Or, they can discuss Cincinnati, what makes the ice cream amazing, or Ohio State University.

Discuss Company Culture

Ask the interviewer questions to determine what the work environment is like and whether you would be productive working in it.

For instance, you could ask, “When was the last time you laughed at work?” This provides insight into whether the work culture values humor.

The interviewer may respond by saying they laughed at something this morning, then proceed to give details that get you laughing as well. This indicates a fun environment you likely would be comfortable working in.

Include Humor in Your Thank-You Note

Follow up with the interviewer by including a link to something humorous in your thank-you email. This may be something funny that made you think of the interviewer.

Sharing humor in your thank-you note enhances your relationship with the interviewer. It also shows that income is not your only consideration when deciding where to work.

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