How to Ask for Advice That Will Be Beneficial to You and Your Job

Depending on your company structure and manager’s leadership style, you may receive feedback either regularly or during an employee review. This feedback is designed to emphasize your strengths and improve your performance.

Receiving constructive feedback is important for professional growth. It makes you aware of the areas you excel in and specific steps to improve in other areas.

As a result, you want to regularly receive constructive feedback. The more feedback your manager provides, the better your work performance and career advancement.

Follow these steps to request advice from your manager to promote your professional development.

Conduct a Self-Assessment of Your Performance

Consider how you feel your performance has been since your last one-to-one meeting or employee review. This lets you determine the talking points to bring to your discussion with your manager.

Include specific areas you feel you need to improve. Also, write down questions for concrete steps to reach your objectives.

Schedule a Meeting with Your Manager

Send your manager a Slack message or email requesting a meeting. Clarify that you want constructive feedback on your work performance.

If you reach out through Slack, ask your manager to put a 15-minute meeting on their calendar to discuss what went well and what could be improved regarding a recent project you worked on. Mention your desire for honest feedback to improve going forward.

Request a few times that would work. Thank your manager and sign your name.

Or, if you reach out through email, put in the subject line your request for feedback on a specific project you recently worked on. Greet your manager by name. Then, ask them to add time to their calendar to provide feedback on the specific project.

Mention you would like your manager’s advice to improve going forward. Include your desire for one to three things that went well and one to three things that could have been better. Share that specific guidance is appreciated.

Mention you will send a meeting invite to block off a discussion time when you know what fits your manager’s schedule. Include your interest in talking with your manager about the feedback. Thank them, then sign your full name.

Focus on Improving Your Performance

Remind yourself to stay positive while meeting with your manager. Your goal is to emphasize your strengths and enhance your weaker areas.

Take notes during the conversation. You can refer to them later as needed.

Ask follow-up questions to gather more details. Restate what your manager says to ensure you understand.

Talk about the assessments you agree with and any you might not. Work to develop a plan to improve your output and grow professionally.

Thank your manager for their time. Let them know you value their transparency.

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