How Companies Can Make Hybrid Work for Their Employees

Like many companies, your workforce may have transitioned to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic. If so, you may be ready to bring back your employees in a hybrid environment.

Although getting your workforce back to the office is important, it does require substantial planning. Having guidelines to follow can help.

Implement these tips to help your employees effectively work in a hybrid environment.

Gain Leadership Buy-In

Maintain active involvement from the executive leadership team in developing and refining your hybrid workforce strategies. Buy-in from all stakeholders is needed for success. Also, the company must continually adapt to ensure every employee continues to grow professionally.

Provide Manager Training

Educate managers on how to lead their hybrid teams. For instance, training on setting key performance indicators (KPIs), maintaining employee engagement, and measuring productivity. Also, talk about skill-building, leadership development, and methods to earn promotions. This helps managers lead their employees when they are working remotely.

Implement Collaboration Tools

Provide digital solutions to optimize workflow. Examples include cloud-based file-sharing systems, collaborative applications, and employee experience platforms. This promotes collaboration and productivity.

Offer IT Support

Have IT self-help tools and interactive online support available. This promotes problem-solving, collaboration, and productivity.

Provide a comprehensive list of frequently asked IT questions and answers to build employees’ knowledge base. Include tips to troubleshoot specific issues. Offer live chat options and in-solution ticket handling for more challenging problems.

Prioritize Work Relationships

Encourage managers to build relationships with their employees. This promotes team-building and positive work culture. It also elevates motivation and innovation.

Many employees feel isolated when working remotely. As a result, managers must regularly reach out to see how their employees are doing both professionally and personally.

Managers should remain current on their employees’ workloads and progress. They also should ask if their employees have any questions or concerns. Managers must provide support and the appropriate resources as needed.

Prioritization of their well-being shows employees are valued members of the team and organization. This results in greater work performance and company loyalty.

Promote Open Communication

Encourage employees to talk with their managers about their needs and concerns. Emphasize the importance of being empathetic, asking follow-up questions, and providing support.

Create a continuous feedback loop between managers and executive leadership about these employee issues. Work together to find ways to resolve them.

Have managers talk with their employees about solutions to their problems. This promotes safety and trust among your workforce. It also shows employees are valued and respected members of your organization.

Having human-centered leadership is an important part of your company’s culture. Being authentic and transparent is attractive to employees. It encourages them to remain engaged, productive, and loyal.

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