How to Increase Your Influence on Zoom in a Matter of Seconds

The coronavirus pandemic made Zoom meetings part of conducting business. This practice appears to be here to stay.

Like many employees, you may participate in meetings or discussions primarily through Zoom. If so, you may feel like you blend in with everyone else. This can discourage you from speaking up and fully participating.

Fortunately, you can take simple steps to increase your influence on Zoom in just seconds. Here are some ideas.

Find out how to increase your influence on Zoom in a matter of seconds.

Express Interest in Others

Point out what you see in others’ backgrounds during the first few minutes of a Zoom call. The photos, plants, or other objects of interest likely are what the participant wants you to see.

Expressing interest in someone’s environment helps you learn about the individual. This increases your influence in the conversation.


Smile as much as possible in the first few minutes of a Zoom discussion. This creates a positive impression on the other participants.

Smiling helps you connect with others. It also increases your influence during the conversation.

Use Participants’ Names

Greet each Zoom participant by name. If you are first meeting someone, their name should be displayed below their face. Aim to use participants’ names during and at the end of the discussion.

People feel valued when they hear their names spoken. This builds rapport and increases your influence in a virtual discussion.

Actively Listen

Encourage the other Zoom participants to talk about themselves. Ask follow-up questions and restate what you hear to check your understanding.

You might want to ask what is on a participant’s mind at the moment. This helps you discover what they find interesting. Engaging in conversation increases your influence during a virtual discussion.

Make Others Feel Important

Express genuine interest in what matters to the other Zoom participants. This validates their thoughts and feelings as being important.

People like to have others take an interest in them. Consider joining the call a bit early to engage in conversation before getting down to business. This increases your influence during the discussion.

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