How the Best Companies Are Improving Workplace Diversity

Promoting workplace diversity supports the representation of employees of different races, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The differences in religion, sexual orientation, age, and ability make each employee unique.

Many companies are improving their workplace diversity because of the benefits. The advantages include increased employee engagement, performance, and productivity. This leads to higher employee retention, greater company revenue, and an elevated bottom line.

According to Glassdoor’s September 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Workplace Survey, 76% of employees and job seekers focus on the diversity of the workforce when evaluating companies and job offers. Also, 32% of respondents would not apply for a job at a company that lacks workplace diversity. As a result, employers who prioritize workplace diversity have a competitive edge over employers who do not prioritize diversity.

Discover how the best companies are improving workplace diversity so you can follow their example.

Include Diversity in Policies and Procedures

Prioritize workplace diversity in your company policies and business operations. This includes anti-discrimination in your hiring practices, benefits packages, performance reviews, and promotions.

Implement Diversity Training

Train your company leaders on workplace diversity. Educating on cultural sensitivity and related issues helps leaders gain awareness of cultural issues. This helps leaders respond more appropriately to issues involving cultural differences.

Train on Unconscious Bias

Educate employees involved in the hiring process on unconscious bias. These hidden beliefs impact which candidates get hired and which are passed over. Learning to minimize the impact of unconscious bias improves workplace diversity.

Emphasize Diversity on the Company Website

Include your company’s diversity statement and current diversity initiatives on the careers page of your company’s website. Also, share your diversity statement and initiatives in your job postings. These actions encourage diverse candidates to work for your company.

Offer Targeted Scholarships and Internships

Partner with local high schools, colleges, and universities to provide scholarships and internships for underrepresented groups. These actions help diverse students and employees gain the education, skills, and experience needed to excel in your organization. This promotes workplace diversity within your company.

Request Diverse Employee Referrals

Ask your employees to refer their connections from groups that are underrepresented in your workforce. Share the job description for each role you need to be filled. Include a bonus for each referral who gets hired and remains for a set time.

Post on Diverse Job Boards

Share your vacancies on job boards such as Diversity Working, Recruit Disability, and HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). These job boards focus on finding candidates to improve workplace diversity.

Partner with a Diversity-Focused Staffing Firm

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