Resume Keywords: Make Your Resume Stand Out

Using relevant keywords makes your resume stand out. This helps your information get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to a hiring manager.

Include the keywords from the job description in different parts of your resume. This shows your knowledge, skills, and experience make you well-equipped for the role.

Follow these guidelines to choose the keywords that make your resume stand out and help secure an interview.

Include the Company Name

Use the company’s name and job title in your summary statement or resume objective. Tailoring your resume with these keywords encourages the ATS to pass your information along to the hiring manager.

Share Location-Based Keywords

Include your city and state in your resume. This helps the ATS identify you as a candidate for onsite jobs. The hiring manager likely will take your proximity to the company into account when deciding whether to contact you for an interview.

List Your Education

State whether you completed a degree from a college, university, or other educational institution. Include the type of degree and field of study, such as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. An ATS typically passes along resumes with degrees on them.

Use Company-Specific Keywords

Search the company website for relevant keywords. Including these keywords in your resume shows you fit with the position and company culture.

For instance, the company’s About Us page might say the company identifies as creative. If so, you could include the word creative in your resume.

Monitor Your Keyword Format

Mirror the keywords as they are listed in the job posting. For instance, if the job description requires manager experience, you could state manager of a 15-person web development team.

An ATS might not recognize different versions of a keyword. For instance, the software may not recognize the relationship between a project manager and project management. Therefore, if you use a version different than the one in the job description, the ATS may screen out your resume.

Balance Your Keywords

Include approximately 25 to 30 keywords throughout your resume. Ensure the keywords are organically placed, and your information sounds natural.

Using additional keywords may cause an ATS to interpret your resume as being stuffed with keywords. This may cause your resume to be filtered out and not sent to the hiring manager.

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