Tips for Finding Companies that Offer Flexible Jobs

Flexibility is for everyone and takes on many forms. Whether you’re seeking more flexible hours, a seasonal position in your field of expertise, or a job where you can work from home on occasion, there are many online resources you can leverage to find employers that offer flexible work options.

Research flex-friendly companies online.  Here are a few of our favorite online resources:

Check out smaller companies. At Corps Team, we often find that smaller companies are more willing to accommodate flexibility needs, as they realize the business advantages of a flexible workforce.  With a smaller company, there’s often less red-tape and cultural barriers to overcome in your pursuit of flexible work.

Try researching companies you’re already interested in to see what their policies are regarding workplace flexibility. Chances are, they might already allow some forms of flexible work, but don’t necessarily realize it or advertise it as such. Go directly to their company website and see what kinds of positions they are offering and investigate their work environment and policies.  Typically, companies that support ROWE (Results-Oriented Work Environments) champion workplace flexibility.

Reach out to your network.  Do you know anyone with a flexible job?  If so, talk to them about how they found the job, or negotiated for flexibility.  These conversations can be extremely insightful.

Check each week.  Here’s a plug for shameless self-promotion, but seriously –not only do we post several flexible jobs every week, but we allow employers to purchase job postings on our job board.  So even if the available jobs aren’t in your market, check out who’s advertising flexible jobs and see if they have a location in your city, or offer telecommuting options!

Do you have any other favorite ways of searching for flexible jobs? If so, share them with our community in the comment box!


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