Huffington Post – You Just Might Face-Plant if You Try to Live Up to Other’s Expectations

The media landscape has been covered to saturation with the perceived controversy, societal ills, and limitations of women, specifically mothers, in the workplace. It is clearly a polarizing and subjective topic, and one that breeds frustration for me because I think we’re missing an important part of the perpetual debate that is relevant to a majority of professional women. Sheryl Sandberg tells us to “lean in” if we want to find success. But what if we have leaned in so far we’re about to face-plant? I don’t disagree with the concept as a whole; it’s how I started my career and found early success – as I defined it then. What I didn’t realize was that my notion of success would change significantly as I progressed through many different life stages.

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Allison O’Kelly
Huffington Post


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