Four Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively – Easy Enough to Do on Vacation!

LinkedIn is no longer optional in your job search. You have to have a presence there and it needs to be a good one. It is also critical these days for your professional development; staying on top of industry trends and keeping your network fresh. You never know when you will need that bit of advice from a colleague on the west coast for a recent project or when you will need to leverage those career connections for an unexpected job search.

Check out this video update from career coach Hallie Crawford as she shares four things you need to ensure you do in order to use your LinkedIn account effectively. This is important for both job search and career direction, and it’s so easy, you can even do it on vacation!


Hint – don’t let it just sit there! You need to be active on LinkedIn, you have to have recommendations and the right keywords for your industry as a start.


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