4 Tips to Start Training

Mudderella If you’ve signed up for a Mudderella (official supporting sponsor of Mom Corps YOU), you’re already working toward a new, exciting goal (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!). Of course, the moment after you’ve registered can sometimes sound like this, “Ah?!! Now I have to train!”. Here’s the good news: Starting your training is the hardest part. So really – you just have to begin! Whenever I start training for a mud run, I do 4 things:

  1. Create a Schedule: After I’ve signed up for a mud run, I pull out my calendar and put a big ‘X’ on event day. Then, I work backwards to see what I must do in order to accomplish my goal: I mark the running days, strength training days, and rest days. Not only does this ensure that I stick to the plan, but it motivates me to keep going. That’s why we created the Mudderella Training Program cards: download them, print them out, create your schedule.

  2. Start Small: Sometimes I take a big break in between different events, and I really need to ease myself back into training, physically and mentally. The first week of mud run training, I will start small, gradually building up my strength and endurance. While this is important from a physical side, it also helps me mentally. By starting small, I accomplish my goals, feel good about my progress, and am excited to keep going. You’ll see that Day 1 on the Mudderella Training Program is a simple, “Walk 1, Run 1? routine. Start Small. Finish Strong.

  3. Find a Friend: Training with a friend makes a huge difference. Not only is it more fun, but it will also make you more accountable. You’re not going to miss that 7 AM run, if your friend is waiting for you!

  4. Motivate & Reward: Okay, sometimes I reward myself before I even start training. I’ll buy a new tank top or running spandex to get myself motivated. Guess what? It works! Rewarding yourself throughout training is important too. It doesn’t have to be a new piece of clothing, it can be as simple as saying to yourself, “Guess what, I did it!”. Take pride in your accomplishments, however small, and remember, you’re stronger than you think you are.

– Antonia, Mudderella HQ



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