Mom Corps Tips for Finding Flexible Work

Whether you are reentering the workforce after taking some time off or looking for a new opportunity, making sure a job fits into your busy life can be challenging. How can you find a position that gives you the most work-life satisfaction? Here are our tips:

Research flex-friendly companies online.  Here are a few of our favorite online resources:

Check out smaller companies. At Mom Corps, we often find that smaller companies are more willing to accommodate flexibility needs, as they realize the business advantages of a flexible workforce.  With a smaller company, there’s often less red-tape and cultural barriers to overcome in your pursuit of flexible work.

Search Mom Corps’ job listings. Search our Job Postings and apply to become a candidate for all sorts of flexible positions. And by becoming a candidate, you will automatically be signed up for our Hot Jobs newsletter to get flexible positions sent weekly to your inbox. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for job updates!

Become a premium member. Join Mom Corps YOU to have access to e-learning, live online events, resources and live chat coaching.  These tools are set up to help you find and/or create a career that is both professionally and personally satisfying!

Ask for more information. Once you find a position you are interested in, find out more about the company’s culture. The Wall Street Journal suggests you “look for clues during the interview that might suggest a company embraces flexibility.” Laptops and portable devices are a good sign they allow employees to work remotely; Desktop computers are not.

Have more questions about work flexibility or tips to help others find work-life satisfaction? Leave a comment!


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