Should You Find a Telecommuting Job or Start Your Own Business?

If you find yourself browsing online job postings frequently, you may be thinking finding a new way to work. But if your kids are still young, the workplace may be your home office. As more women try to make more time for their children, jobs for moms often entail telecommuting.

There are plenty of avenues to consider when looking for the right position. You’ll undoubtedly see many work-from-home ads and job listings, but be forewarned that this is an area that’s notorious for scams rather than bona fide jobs.

Manage mom time
First of all, it helps to have your family on board with you. Youngsters need to understand that mom will have work hours in her home office just as she would if she was working out of a company’s headquarters. With a flexible schedule, you’ll be able to pick them up from school and spend some time with them, but you may have to make up some hours during the evening whether you work for yourself or not.

These are situations that stay-at-home moms face as they consider flexible business ideas for moms among their options. There are many benefits to returning to work while maintaining flexibility to fulfill family responsibilities. Between family and work duties, an alternative schedule may even allow you some time for yourself, which is severely lacking when you have to factor in commute time if you work for a company on-site.

By working as a stay-at-home mom, you’ll also save money that would otherwise have to be spent on transportation, coffee breaks and a career wardrobe. Although keeping to a schedule is a good idea to remain focused when you work from home, you still have more latitude if you’re running late than you would have with most companies.

Decide what type of job
Mom Corps can help you decide which course to take – start a home business of your own or telecommute part-time for a company. Whether you go job-hunting to find the right opportunity or market your business to new clients, the process is about the same.

To put together an updated resume, take stock of all your skills. They include what you learned from your chosen industry as well as additional skills you’ve developed since then. Include community service, volunteer work and any temporary jobs you’ve had.

If you’re still weighing some of the “stay-at-home” offers that you’ve seen advertised, research them carefully before applying. Your Mom Corps counselor can advise you on how to proceed with these offers and whether they’re legitimate.

Finally, create an ideal schedule that accommodates your home life while allowing you to work as many hours as you’d like. Research the field you want to work in to see if it’s feasible to work as a staff part-timer or if striking out on your own makes more sense. As an alternative, you may consider accepting temp assignments to get acclimated to the working world before settling on a more permanent solution. Temp jobs also offer you an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of work environments and different industries. 

Whatever route you take, having the flexibility to work when you want and limit hours if you choose are attractive benefits.


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